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If knitting is therapeutic than this project is exactly what I need to get over the week that we have just had. Just when I was starting to go crazy trying to make everything clean and pure for the arrival of our sweet baby we were given the gift of the complete opposite.  What would […]

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  • Dani - Omg, those needles…haaa. It would be impossible for me to love this more!ReplyCancel

4 weeks to go!  Holy crazy! It’s starting to get pretty real around here.   A few days ago I woke up in the middle of the night (much like I normally do these days) with my mind reeling about anything and everything.   The car seat isn’t ready …  the cradle has no mattress […]

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  • stella - I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see Baby O snuggled up in that cradle!

    About the night fears… something I’ve experienced too often, I feel you. And Tony’s response sounds like a Terence answer too. So comforting! Ha ha! A few tricks my therapist gave me to help. Not all work all the time, but some might help.
    1. Try to practice ‘observing’ your thoughts rather than being immersed in them. See them as leaves on a stream, you can watch them and acknowledge them but you do not have to pick up all the leaves. If you need to pick up one of them you can, but you can also just let them float by.
    2. A ‘worry box’ – it’s like a box you build in your mind and put your fears in there, similar concept as the stream. You can go to them when you like but they are safely locked in the box and when you feel yourself worrying you can say ‘I will put that in the box and look at it later if I need to’. Helpful when a lot of your worries are things you have no control over. There is an app I got that gives you a guided imagery of doing this and lots of internet stuff.
    3. Progressive muscle relaxation. Good anytime, but esp when you’re in bed and panicky and your husband is sleeping soundly beside you. You tense and then relax each part of your body starting with your toes. Takes a while and some concentration so helpful for both relaxing and also moving the mind away from the horrible thoughts.
    4. Breathing exercises like in a square – 4 secs in, 4 secs hold, 4 secs out, 4 secs hold (can be any time, just keep it the same).

    Unfortunately I have many anxiety tips so feel free to email me if you need more! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Julia Snelson - Stevie,
    You crack me up while having tears in my eyes at the same time! How can that be? I love your honesty. I also cannot wait to hear of the birth of your baby and look forward to meeting him or her some day. Please tell Tony “hello” for me and as always… I wish you the BEST life has to offer.
    And oh, by the way… you two will figure out the whole thing as they come. I have total Faith in you both.
    julia (Oliver family’s former neighbors in Mankato)ReplyCancel

It’s not like I’m a huge drinker or anything but I do like to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or unwind with a cold beer in the evening.   So I figured the zero alcohol lifestyle that pregnancy advocates for would be a little bit of an adjustment for me. Before I got […]

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