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39 weeks ~ We made it to February!

January has come and gone so it’s official!!  .. We are having a February baby!!

For those who have talked to me pretty much anytime during my pregnancy know (with annoying emphasis) that I was focused on having a February baby.   For those who don’t know let me explain…

Baby Oliver will be the 43rd little human born into my mom’s side of the family.   And that’s just immediate family … all starting with my grandparents.  43 people born into all months of the year .. all months except for February.

39 weeks

I’m not even sure we truly realized the gap until Christmas (2012) when Tony and I made my grandparents a Family Birthday display.    My grandfather is the BEST at sending out birthday cards to everyone and he is VERY organized with keeping everyone updated with the family birthday list.  So for Christmas we made him a fun little display for their wall.   At that point it became glaringly evident that there were no February birthdays to celebrate.



So when Tony and I realized that our due date was Feb 3rd I immediately knew the perfect way to announce the good news to my grandparents.    Needless to say they were really excited!!

39 weeks 3

And then the pressure was on!   I was determined that this baby would NOT be born before February .. and I refused to even talk about the alternatives.   Everyone would say “Oh just you wait until January and you will NOT care at all .. you will just want this baby to be born as soon as possible!”   But I’m way too stubborn for that and I can honestly say that not ONCE did I EVER even come close to saying anything like that.  I was happy as could be to wait this baby out as long as possible.

And I guess my stubbornness worked because as of yesterday we are officially in Feb and we will officially have a full calendar of birthdays to celebrate!!!

And celebrate we will!! .. just as soon as this little baby boy/girl decides it’s time to grace us with their presence.

39 weeks 2

Sidenote – My estimated due date is Feb. 3rd .. tomorrow ..  And I am fully aware that my desire to wait this baby out could in fact backfire on me resulting in a baby that wants to retaliate by waiting me out until I crack.  But I embrace it all and I am still way too stubborn to complain.   All I ask for is a healthy, happy baby and for that I will patiently wait until this little baby is ready to meet me.  

Oh crap!  Now I’m going to cry. 


  • erin - what a great story! you’re adorable, stevie! so excited for you and tony to enter into the world of parenthood. you have documented your pregnancy beautifully. best wishes for you in the days ahead!ReplyCancel

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