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Rosemary Grey – Her first 7 weeks in 54 iPhone photos

I intended to wow you with well documented and witty posts following the birth of our dear baby.  Posts that I would shower you with on a weekly basis.  After all, that is how I documented my pregnancy.  So how on earth did 7 weeks go by and I have yet to share one single post??  Seven weeks!!

I guess I'll just start our first post at the beginning.

It's a girl!!  

Our little blizzard baby and decided to finally make her appearance 10 days past her due date in the middle of our biggest snowstorm of the year.  She literally showed the first signs that she was coming as the snow first started to fall and we drove to the hospital at 3am .. driving through 7 inches of unplowed powdery snow.  It was actually quite beautiful.

I intended to handle both the labor and delivery with grace and dignity.  With poise that would wow my husband and inevitably make him bow down to my ability to handle pain with elegance and beauty. I'd like to tell you that is exactly what happened.

oh what the heck .. it's my blog so I can tell you whatever I want.
Our sweet Rosemary Grey was born on February 13th at 2:38pm. Weighing 7 lbs 1 oz .. 18 3/4" long.

And mommy did it completely naturally.

Well .. 
As long as it's completely natural to enter the hospital swearing up a storm and demanding drugs!!  

I have a feeling I know what baby girls first word is going to be .. and it's a doozy!

Our little Rosie has mommy's hair and daddy's chin .. Daddy's eyes and mommy's bags underneath them.  She's smart, she's funny and she gives to charity.  We are in love!

We have experienced quite a lot in her first 7 weeks.  Here is a little glimpse of it told through 54 iPhone photos.


  • Mary Van Camp - I have so enjoyed you and Tonys’ “journey”! I feel so blessed that I can enjoy your happiness, thank you! When Adilyne was born, it was one of the happiest days of my life! I got to see her born and cut the cord! Of course, when Shanon was born I was too busy to enjoy all of this so I feel soooo blessed to see this miracle!

    God Bless the both of you!


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