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Our Wedding ~ 1 year later

365 days ago Tony and I were married!   I can’t believe it.  It seems like just yesterday and also a lifetime ago.  This year absolutely flew by and so much has happened.  Well mainly 1 HUGE thing happened.   Rosie.    And since I haven’t shared our wedding photos on our blog yet,  today we carve out some time for us to revisit our wedding day, get lost in the photos and relive it all over again.

Our wedding was the most intimate event.  17 people + 1 house on the water.    Tony built the table that we all shared our wedding meal around and my dress was handmade by my mother.

Our dream was to have the entire celebration outdoors and to be able to eat dinner out in the middle of the yard by the fire.     Planning a wedding for so early in April was a gamble that we knew we were taking  .. and the forecast was dreary, cold and promised rain.   But that Friday morning as we woke up the rain stopped, the clouds parted and the most beautiful cloudless blue sky took over.  We were blessed with the most calm 60 degree day.  It was an absolute miracle.

Photography was one of our top priorities so we arranged for my ultimate dream photographers Ashley and Jeremy Parsons to fly in and document our day.   They captured every detail brilliantly and even surprised us with a beautiful stop motion video that they combined with our family members sharing advice for us.  It was the most wonderful surprise and we will cherish this video forever.     

I hope you enjoy this peek into our wedding day…  Get comfortable because I didn’t try to limit the photos at all.  🙂

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One year down .. a lifetime more to go.


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