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America’s Moving Adventure

Starting on July 4th Tony and I embarked on a lightning fast trip all the way across the county.  I flew out from Maryland on the 3rd and we had a fantastic farewell party with Tony’s friends (all dressed in flannel of course). We finished loading up the truck the next day and we were off.  Destination .. domestic bliss in Havre de Grace, MD.  Work schedules kept us on a very tight schedule so we needed to haul it pretty quick.  But…it turns out Tony and I don’t really do anything quick.  We are go-at-our-own-pace kind of people so we had a few hiccups along the way.  For starters we didn’t even leave Huntington Beach until 3pm on the 4th and the next day we started out our planned day of 14 hours of driving with a leisurely hotel breakfast, long showers and a ‘completely necessary we swear’ trip to Target.  We had to get the basics like beef jerky, neosporin, windshield wipers that we never changed, and of course a DVD of Turner and Hooch staring Tom Hanks.. hands down the best purchase of the trip.

Needless to say we got a little behind schedule quickly and learned how to pick up the pace in these lazy bodies.  We learned to wake up at dawn, eat only in the car, and only stop when we needed gas (and as you will see in the photos below sometimes not even then).

We watched sunrises through dirty windshields, watched sunsets through the rear view mirror,  and stopped only once for our random self-timer photo ….  We talked a lot, made each other laugh a lot, came up with business ideas, visited states we had never been to, accidentally quit drinking coffee, and listened to Lady Gaga on Pandora when we got tired.  Tony learned that I was a horribly nervous driver.  I learned that Tony has more patience than anyone else I know.   We attempted to eat healthy although all we really ate were snacks.  I’ll never again look at beef jerky without thinking of this road trip.  Subway was our gourmet meal and at one point I literally squealed with excitement when I spotted real cheddar cheese in a gas station store.  We were delirious and sleep-deprived.

It was glorious.

So sit back and enjoy our 4 day road-trip in photos……

Turns out that the drive is the easy part…..

…. many more photos to come about what we’ve done with our new apartment

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