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Happy Anniversary .. What a difference 1 year makes

Oh what a difference a year makes ..



Saturday was our 1st wedding anniversary … and how else do you celebrate your anniversary with a 7 week old baby besides playing at the park wearing your wedding clothes?


I would love to write a beautifully worded post about how this was our craziest year together and how I love this man more than I did when I married him.   I would love to find words to describe the infinite wisdom that can only come from 365 days of marital bliss.

But we have a 7 week old baby … and we are tired … and sleepless nights, hours of crying (mostly from the baby) and operating 2 businesses is enough to make you go crazy.

I will say is that every day we try our best to love and support each other and (most times) even when we are exhausted we can still manage to make each other laugh and for that I am so proud of our first year as husband and wife.

Cheers to a lifetime more of Oliver craziness.

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Every photo was taken by our friend Jacob Cecil and assisted by his amazing wife Whitney.   They once again got roped into documenting our craziness and we are so so grateful that they want to be our friends!!


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