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Rosie’s 1st 2 weeks at home

Looking back at these photos I already can’t believe how much Rosie has grown.  These weeks were one of the most amazingly beautiful and emotionally draining of my entire life.

We fluctuated from ‘Oh my God I can’t believe we get to keep her!” ..  all the way to .. “Oh my God do we really HAVE to keep her!?”

Having a newborn baby was way crazier than anyone could EVER prepare us for.    The only way that I was able to survive the emotional postpartum roller coaster was with the patience and sensitivity of my husband.   He was amazing!   His survival, however, was sponsored by Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey.

We didn’t take a ton of photos with the ‘real’ camera while we were in the hospital but there are a couple mixed in with Rosie’s first days at home.

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