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Welcome to our front porch …

Here we are .. in our new home .. our first home.

We want  to document our first year and since a photo series is pretty much the only way I know how to document anything we present to you our Front Porch Series.  ‘What is a front porch series?’, you ask, barely able to contain your excitement.  Simply put it’s a self-timer photo on the front porch of our new apartment each month with a little blurb about our new life together.

1st up … July

July was a big month for us .. A cross country road trip followed by the cramming of all of our belongings into an apartment that is slightly smaller than the size of all our belongings .. visits with family .. picking delicious Maryland steamed crabs at our new favorite seafood spot in town .. traveling for EMHE builds .. cleaning .. unpacking .. organizing .. reorganizing when Tony left town .. re-reorganizing when Tony came back .. trying out every single restaurant in town .. antique shopping .. and lots and lots of cooking at home.

It was a great first month for us!!  August post coming very soon.  🙂

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