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3 Months!!!

Today our little Rosie Grey turned 3 months old.  I can hardly believe how fast those 3 months went by.

Why didn’t anyone warn us how fast it goes?!!

I’m kidding of course.  Literally EVERYONE has told us that.  🙂

This past month I have completely fallen in love with this little bug.   Those first 8 weeks were not easy  .. and to be perfectly honest were a lot more work than reward.   But I swear the second she hit the 2 month mark we turned a major corner ..  As it turns out ,  5-6 consecutive hours of  sleep and a couple quality smiles is all it takes for me to fall head over heels.

This past month :

She perfected the crooked smile which prompted her dad to immediately declare that he would buy her anything that she wanted.  Damn that girl is good!

She attended 3 weddings .. has now flown on 11 different planes .. and has been to 4 states.

She has turned into a super chill baby and can play or sleep pretty much anywhere .. including a hotel dresser drawer.

And she laughs now!  And it is pretty much the most magical sound ever!

We celebrated her 3 month birthday tonight with a long walk around our neighborhood and a fire in our backyard.

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