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5 Months!!

Each month Tony and I marvel at how much more we love this little girl than the month (or even week) before .. how much more peaceful she has become .. and how much cooler her little life has gotten.  And this 5th month of her existence is no exception.  Our little Rosie Grey is a dream baby.   She’s happy and peaceful and her sweet laugh will absolutely make your heart burst.  I often tell Tony that she will make up for this all when she is 13 and hates us but for right now I am savoring every second of it.

Some milestones from this past month include rolling over and scooting across the floor .. although I have not actually seen this happen but whenever I leave the room I return 15 seconds later to find her 10 feet from where I left her.

Her once full head of hair is still falling out at a rate that I am not at all comfortable with (although it does finally appear to be sprouting a layer of peach fuzz over the most barren of areas).  We still can not figure out exactly what color her hair is.   Just when I think it’s as absolutely blonde it will give me the faintest hint of red.  I’m still holding out hope for my dream of a strawberry blonde little girl.   🙂

And this tiny human has no idea how amazing her life has been so far.  This past month alone she has flown on at least her 15th airplane, visited her 6th and 7th state, saw bison rome in Yellowstone, slept through Old Faithful, hung around on top of a mountain 11,000 feet about sea level, dipped her feet in the rivers of Montana and felt the spray of a waterfall on her face … and to top it off she had a photo of her and her great-grandpa sent up to a real life astronaut aboard the International Space Station.  But if you ask her she will tell you her greatest accomplishment this month is making progress on her goal of sleeping through the night.

I just can’t get enough of this little girl.

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