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6 months

Our baby girl is 6 months old now.


I might be having a little bit of a hard time with this one.   How can half of a year have gone by this quickly?

These past 6 months have been so full and we are so grateful for all of the adventures that we have had with our little Rosie already.  Her little life is so crazy and she has experienced more in her first 6 months then I have experienced in my first 20+ years.  Just last week she rubbed elbows with designer Nate Berkus  and executive VP of Harpo (well technically it was less elbow rubbing and more chewing on their fingers) AND she got to have lunch in a room with the one and only Oprah!   I have a feeling she is going to be hard to impress soon.

Also this month she started sitting up, scooting across the room and learned how to play hide and seek.   Her favorite hiding places are currently  under our couch and under our bed.   I just wish she would give me a heads up when she wanted to play.

She finds most traditional baby songs to be dreadfully juvenile but luckily she is quite fond of the original songs that I write and perform for her.  My newest song about egg rolls and leg rolls is her current favorite.

The other day she discovered sun spots on our living room floor and is fascinated with them whenever they appear.   My heart almost exploded the first time that I saw her trying to pick them up.

Now that she is a big girl I explained to her that she has to be my muse.  She is not sold on it yet but she’s coming around.  Typical muse behavior.

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