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That time we apparently fed Rosie the most disgusting food on the planet.

Starting solid foods is a huge milestone in the life of a little baby.   A milestone that I wasn’t really in any hurry to pass.  So we waited the recommended 6 months (and then waited a little more)

And quite honestly it wasn’t hard to hold out on solids since Rosie really hasn’t been showing much interest in food.  She doesn’t grab for our plates and overall doesn’t seem to notice or care when we eat.

For 6 glorious months the only thing this sweet little baby needed was me.   My body provided everything she needed to grow and thrive.   And I’m not going to lie .. I loved it!   So this whole introducing solid food thing is a pretty big deal to me too.  It is the start of Rosie’s independence from me.

We chose to start with a few weeks of homemade pureed items to get her used to this whole food concept.  We stalled as long as we could by hunting and gathering all the necessary supplies .. freezable storage trays, hand held immersion blender, BPA – free baby spoons made in the USA of 100% recycled materials.  

I had no more excuses.

Today was the day.

I decided to start with sweet potatoes.  Our house has a wonderful habit of acclimating it’s temperature to that of our oven so today we enjoyed a steamy 425 degrees for most of the afternoon.  Sure, I usually eat my own sweet potatoes freshly blasted in the microwave but no baby of mine was going to eat a bowl of radiation.   Not for her first gourmet meal anyway.

All the stars aligned and it was food time!  Mom has her camera ready .. dad ready with video .. all to document the excitement of baby’s first bite of food.  The moment that Rosie discovers the wonderful world of flavorful cooking.

This girl will try to lick everything with absolutely zero discretion .. the rubber side of a baby swing, the hands of a complete stranger, the bath time rinse cup or the side of a rogue shoe she finds .. surely she will love sweet potatoes made by her loving mother.

Except this is how it went down …

001 What is this new yellow toy my dad has? …
002 Oh he is so funny … 
003He makes the best noises


Oh wait, what’s going on?005Ugh! oh God!  it’s awful!

006 So gross!!  007 This tastes like dirt!!008 Why are you doing this to me?!!009 I thought you loved me!!010 This is NOT baby led weaning!!011 Oh man!  My daddy is so funny!!!  He makes the best noises!!012 Ahhh!!  It’s a trick!!!013 Son of a …!!!!014

  And then she showed signs of PTSD for the rest of the evening.

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