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7 months – a little belated

I’ve had these photos ready for almost a month but work, family and life just got a little away from me so I haven’t had a chance to post them here yet.

Technically Miss Rosie will be turning 8 months old in just a few days but here is a little glimpse into her life at 7 months.

Her 7th month was a crazy time for our girl.  She completely mastered crawling and to my dismay was officially a mobile little creature in a yet-to-be-baby-proofed house.

All in one day she mischievously tore apart the toilet paper roll, crawled confidently down the little step leading into our kitchen,  started standing up in her little baby tub and GOT A TOOTH.  There definitely was not enough coffee in the house that day.

Rosie is just the happiest baby and her laugh (mostly brought on by daddy) can just fill a room with light.

She is also a very focused and serious little girl sometimes and she has not entered a staring contest that she has not won.

She tried the baby swing for the first time and she just curled her legs up like she was in a little bowl and sat there content to watch all the other kids.  (The photo from that time is in the square photos at the bottom)

She tried solid food for the very first time.   You just have to click on this link to see the whole separate post from that experience.  It was awful according to Rosie .. but it was hilarious if you were ANYONE else!   All month we tried food we slowly introduced new foods and new textures.  She honestly just wasn’t really that into it so we opted to move very slowly.

Although we really didn’t see obvious signs of teething all of a sudden Rosie had a tiny little sharp bottom tooth poking through!!!   It almost seemed like she was teething in reverse since she seemed to be grumpier once we discovered the tooth had broken through.  And then ANOTHER one popped through.   So now our little girl has 2 itty bitt razor sharp tooth nubs.  So cute!!

She sucks her thumb like crazy!  It’s her very best friend.

She is attempting to stand up on random items and she lets out these adorable little warrior cries to motivate herself.

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009

In other news her right arm still looks like a cartoon baguette.010

She has since mastered crawling down the small stair into our kitchen.  Rather than block it off we decided to let her use this step as a practice one.  The way that she works herself up and motivates herself is amazing.   Here is a little video for your enjoyment.

12 squares12 squares 2

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