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8 Months

Rosie turns 9 months old today!  But I’m not ready to delve into that yet because I hadn’t even had a chance to share her 8 month post.  So for today we will go back in time one month and talk about Rosie at 8 months.  🙂

She is beginning to love food.  Her first bite always results in a look of total disgust but once she has a chance to get used to it she gobbles it up.  She’s getting better and better at picking up food and feeding herself.

Her hair gets longer and thicker every day.  Yay!!!!  I swear sometimes she wakes up from a nap and her hair is thicker than it was when she fell asleep.

She attended her first concert!!  The Future Islands played at HampdenFest and she went with daddy to see them.  I was photographing a wedding so I missed it but I’m so grateful that Rosie and Tony had that experience together.

She can pull herself up and stand next to everything.  She is SO proud of her recent accomplishment.

She also now bangs her head on EVERYTHING.

We FINALLY moved her bed into her own room.   It was bittersweet because as much as I missed her being right near us we both appreciate having our room back.

But before we got too excited about her new sleeping arrangement she went through a terrible sleep regression .. she loves to practice her new standing skills in the middle of the night and will stand in her bed and scream at all hours.  It’s not cute.  at.all.

She said dada for the first time.  It was her first real word.    Although we still swear she said ‘help me’ at 3 weeks old. 🙂

Said mama for the first 50 times!   Although it’s only used as a distress call and sounds more like ma mama mamamamamama mom mama mama!!

Another flight under her belt since we made another trip out to Minnesota.  Flights are getting more interesting now that she’s getting more mobile but she is still a traveling champ.

Now that she is losing the 3rd nap during the day she gets so exhausted that by 5:30 she can barely hold her head up.

She’s still the happiest, smiliest baby in the world and seeing her huge smile first thing in the morning is enough to melt your heart.

(Apparently I was really into Rosie + good lighting last month.)

Rosie_8_months_001 Rosie_8_months_002 Rosie_8_months_003 Rosie_8_months_004 Rosie_8_months_005This is not a baby temper tantrum .. This is sheer exhaustion at dinnertime.   This was after a particularly busy day of playing.  She would crawl 2 steps and lay flat out to suck her thumb.
Rosie_8_months_006 Rosie_8_months_007 Rosie_8_months_008 Oh and she had her first real case of bedhead.. I may have been a little too excited about it.  🙂Rosie_8_months_009

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8 months 2

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