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9 Months

Little miss Rosie Grey is 9 months old.  Nine.months.old!!  I can hardly believe it!    She has now been out in this great big world for the exact amount of time that I carried her and slowly grew her.  That is a really weird feeling.  Can time please slow down?  Just a little bit.

She is just the perfect age right now.   She thinks she is such a big girl and gets into everything.   She has such an adventurous little spirit and she would rather crawl over things than to crawl around them.   She is just as happy as can be and she thinks everything is SO funny.   Her squealing laugh and squinty eye smile can make your whole day .. but she can still stare you down with an unwavering glare.

She’s learning how to cuddle now and she she will lay her head down on us when we lay on the floor or in bed.   It only lasts a second but it’s the best seconds of my day.

And the kisses!  She gives big, slobbery, open mouthed kisses randomly throughout the day.  Sometimes she will plant one right on your eyes or nose.  We have used some nannies more recently since it has recently become way too hard for me to balance work and Rosie simultaneously.  It’s hard to drop her off and leave but when I pick her up I get soo many kisses!!!

She’s getting a little clingier now and she will crawl after us when we leave a room.   That might have something to do with the increase in babsitters.

She LOVES food now and sometimes we can’t offer her food  fast enough.  She would definitely prefer to feed herself rather than us feed her with a spoon.

Sadly, she is not recovering from her last sleep regression and she is now an absolutely horrible sleeper!!!  Her naps hardly last more than 30 minutes unless we sleep next to her and I don’t even want to get started on night time.  But I’m sooo sooo tired!!!!   She’s lucky she’s so cute.

After a few recent client photo sessions I was motivated to do a little fall photo shoot with our baby girl.  Brace yourself for some unbelievable cuteness ahead.  Seriously, you have been warned…

Rosie_9_months_001 Rosie_9_months_002 Rosie_9_months_003 Those lips!!Rosie_9_months_004Rosie_9_months_006Rosie_9_months_005Rosie_9_months_007 Rosie_9_months_008 Rosie_9_months_009 Rosie_9_months_010 Rosie_9_months_011

9 months

9 months 2

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