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Have we told you about the time our baby was born with 3 thumbs?

Right after Rosie was born and Tony announced to me that ‘It’s a Girl!’ they whisked her over to the little baby warming station to check her out.   And that’s when I heard one of the nurses turn to Tony and say ‘Don’t be alarmed by her extra digit’

Hold up!   Her extra what?!

Mind you, I hadn’t even really seen my baby yet and I am now wondering what she has an ‘extra’ of.   Then I hear them explaining to Tony that she has a little extra thumb and that it is quite common.  I flashed back to middle school science class when I remembered an old classmate telling me about her baby brother being born with an extra thumb and how amazing I had thought that was.  Plus, I was on some good drugs (for Rosie’s birth not middle school science class) so I really wasn’t too concerned.   I was just more tickled that they actually DO count your babies fingers and toes after they are born.  10 toes and 11 fingers on this one!!

So it turns out our little polydactyly baby has an itty bitty extra thumb growing out of one of her regular thumbs.  Complete with nail and bone and everything.  Which is apparently quite common and seen in approx 1 in every 500 babies.   Although if you ask Tony he will tell you it’s because I stood to close to the microwave.

3_thumbs_up_001 3_thumbs_up_002 3_thumbs_up_003 3_thumbs_up_004

Typically it’s recommended that the extra digit be removed by the first birthday so it doesn’t mess with fine motor development or cause any nerve damage.   But seriously, a life time of custom gloves can get really expensive so it’s time to part ways soon.

I questioned our pediatrician about whether or not anyone actually kept it.   (Meaning instead of surgically removing it)   She gave me a look of disgust and said that ‘no, we could not keep the removed thumb post surgery’   I assured her I was simply weighing the merits of whether or not she should have surgery but I was secretly glad that she misunderstood me because it actually saved me from a very embarrassing follow up question that I did in fact want to know.

3_thumbs_up_005 3_thumbs_up_006 3_thumbs_up_007

Rosie LOVES her little thumb.   She ONLY sucks the thumb on her right hand so when she sucks her thumb she is actually sucking TWO thumbs.


Sometimes I really think she notices that it’s different than the other one


The x-rays .. isn’t it just the cutest itty bitty thumb ever?!!!  Look at that little bone.


It just gives Rosie an extra finger to wrap everyone around.  🙂


I’m really going to miss the look on everyone’s face when they realize that she has an extra thumb.


And having kids count her fingers…

3_thumbs_up_014 3_thumbs_up_015

We love this little unique part of our perfect little girl and we have really had a lot of fun with it….

3_thumbs_up_016 3_thumbs_up_017

Surgery is scheduled for December 30th at Johns Hopkins .. Rosie will be ringing in the New Year with just 2 thumbs but until then she is still giving everything 3 thumbs up!!!