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“I was more concerned about the steak”

2 weeks ago Tony and the EMHE crew headed to Rehoboth Beach in DE for a build in Lewes.  Only 2 hours from our house and with a hotel right on the beach, it was the perfect build for me to visit.

Unfortunately, it was also in the path of the upcoming hurricane Irene, making it one of the craziest weeks to be located right on the coast.

We evacuated from the beach and ended up in 3 hotels in 3 different citites .. out of those 3 hotels we had 4 different rooms since one of ours flooded during the storm.  Build sites were evacuated, tents taken down, horse paddocks were taken over, tequila shots were taken, mud boots were worn, chicken noodle soup was eaten, family and friends visited, birthday cards were made and houses were built.

And before the insanity called Irene even started we experienced a fluke earthquake.  All in all the week was a memorable one.

So we present to you the looongest week ever told through 48 I-phone photos……

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