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11 Months

Although she has been 11 months for 2 weeks already there is still a little catch in my throat whenever I say it.  Time is going so fast and our little baby is almost 1.  Ok enough of that.. that sappy crap will come in our next post.

Rosie’s 11th month was a crazy one for sure!  She got a finger amputated for crying out loud!  Her itty bitty thumb was removed and she handled it like an absolute champion.  We were continually amazed by her resilience and the way she coped with every new step.   The hardest part for her was not being able to suck her thumb for just under 2 weeks.  Apparently all thumbs are not created equally and her left thumb was no substitute.

Sleep continued to elude us and she spent a LOT of naps hanging out on my back in the Ergo carrier .. and most nights were spent in our bed.

She finally learned to clap and LOVES when you say ‘Yay Rosie!!’ so she can clap proudly at herself .. she can point to her head (although a lot of times when you ask her where her head is she slaps herself on the face)

She got really sick right before Christmas with a crazy high fever (and other issues that don’t need to be immortalized on the interwebs)  It was a little scary but it was just a virus she had to power through.

2 more teeth .. the ones surrounding her top front teeth.  (6 total now!)

She experienced her first Christmas and had her acting debut as baby Jesus in our family nativity performance.  Apparently baby Jesus was wrapped in swaddling clothing and offered Cheerios rapid fire while being visited by the wisemen.  And now you know.

We discovered that she will not crawl when she has bare legs .. she instead walks on her hands and feet and it’s hilarious!  (Photos of that below)

Everything she does is pure magic and we love her more and more every day.

Stevie_T_Photography_001 Stevie_T_Photography_002 Stevie_T_Photography_003 Stevie_T_Photography_004

oh my heart!!  her eyes, her wispy hair.  all of it!

Stevie_T_Photography_005 Stevie_T_Photography_006 Stevie_T_Photography_007 Stevie_T_Photography_008

These are her new moves if she has bare legs now.   She looks like Mowgli from the Jungle Book.   I love it!!!

12 squares copy12 squares copy 2

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