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A few recent photos

Tony and I have been taking a little step away from Instagram and Facebook lately so we haven’t shared any personal photos over there in a few weeks.  (It’s ok if you haven’t noticed)   We are just trying to spend less time on our phones and social media and more time focusing on our little family.  Tony is actually doing a LOT better job of it than I am.  More on all that later.

One of the goals for  me was to spend more time taking photos with my ‘real’ camera and less taking photos with my phone and slapping an instagram filter over them.  So far so good .. I have about 1000 photos of recent and now I just need to actually find the time to process and share some .

Rosie and I are currently spending the week at my grandparents house in Ocean City.  An unintentional escape from the craziness that is happening in Baltimore just a few miles from our home.   Here are a few random images from our peaceful days here.

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010Rosie is finally starting to look more like me!  Thank you strong hair genes.
011 012 013 014 The bond between Rosie and her great-grandpa Willie is so strong.  I love to see them together.  015 016 I hope to be sharing a lot more photos and life over on this little corner of the internet.  So if you want to see any of our personal photos and are inclined to follow along please bookmark our site and come back to see us.  🙂


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