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First strawberry from our garden

So in my last post I said I was taking a break from social media .. but also that I would be posting more regularly here.  Well, I only did one of those things.  And while I know no one is losing sleep over the lack of Rosie photos (except our family of course) I’ve also gotten a few great messages and emails checking in and letting me know that they were thinking of us, missed us or just wanted to catch up.

I keep wanting to post on here but then I get overwhelmed by all the things I want to write .. the mountain of photos I want to share.  Plus it’s wedding season and we have a crazy toddler running around and and and …

So I’m just going to jump right in with a few photos from yesterday morning…

Rosie and I planted a garden .. and by Rosie and I, I mean I planted a garden while she took a nap.   And Rosie and I water it .. and by Rosie and I, I mean I water it while she runs around picking off all the green tomatoes that her little hands can grab.   Yesterday we had our first ripe strawberry … well 3rd… damn birds!!  But it was OUR first strawberry.   So of course I documented our harvest.
IMG_6146 copyIMG_6148 copyIMG_6149 copyIMG_6151 copyIMG_6150 copyWhere did our little baby go???

Oh and before you say ‘Hey, isn’t it currently a balmy 90 degrees in Baltimore this time of year?’ Yes, yes it is but Rosie has inherited her momma’s ability to attract all mosquitos to her in 10 seconds so our morning gardening is spent in full protective clothing.

I’ll post more soon .. or at least I will try.  🙂

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