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Minnesota State Fair

A few weeks ago we flew out to MN to visit Tony’s family.  We have been many places together, explored several cities together and even driven cross country together … but up until  the beginning of September we had never flown on an airplane together.   It was the first of what will be many many flights I’m sure.

As luck would have it the Minnesota State Fair was in full swing while we were in town.  It even occurred to me while we were knee deep in fried food and butter sculptures that I had never before been to a State Fair.

It was definitely an experience.  Tony’s family does not mess around.  We were through the gate, navigating the crowd and eating cheese curds before I even had a chance to blink twice.  We ate deliciously unhealthy food, rode a few rides, looked at the art, ate some more food, people watched, and took lots and lots of photos.  These are those photos….


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