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October ~ We’re back!!


Hey remember when we started that Front Porch photo series and you guys were all so excited to catch a glimpse into our lives each month?  Remember how we did 3 months worth and then just stopped?   Well, even though we never got a chance to post them we kept taking the photos each month.  It was so fun the other day to go back through the photos from the last 5 months and see all the little changes.  I have gone through all of the photos and over the next 2 weeks we will rapidly speed through the last 5 months until we are all caught up and ready for March’s post.

October was a pretty busy month for us .. Tony travled to Iowa for EMHE and I traveled to Omaha for portrait sessions.

EMHE had it’s biggest build ever and Tony was out in Joplin, MO while they built 7 houses in 7 days.   I flew out to Joplin and together we discovered our joint love of stow-n-go seating as we road-tripped mini-van style through 6 different states.  That trip deserves a full post of it’s own and that one is coming up soon


As a bonus here are the photos from our pumpkin carving adventure with Brekke and Derrick.  I do not remember the last time I carved a pumpkin and I was so excited that I grinned like a 5 year old the entire time.

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