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February ~ Are we ever going to stay home?!

A couple days after we both got back from last months trip we breathed a big sigh of relief, excited to both be home for a little while.

Then Tony got a call from his friend Cory.

And just like that we had a truck packed full of tools and were heading to Vermont.

Tony’s mission ..  to build a brand new bar for a bed and breakfast in Windsor.  It was all a part of Gordon Ramsey’s upcoming new TV series, Hotel Hell.

Stevie’s mission .. to document it all of course!   (More on all that later)

Once we were FINALLY home again Tony was able to move into his brand new workshop in Havre de Grace.

You can view the inside of the new shop here.  These were all taken right when he moved in so it looks WAY different now.   I’ll take some more up to date photos soon.  Even my nephew Davey helped out with setting up the shop.

At the end of the month we headed out yet again to Minnesota to pack up all of his parents belongings and roadtrip them out to Maryland to join in on all our fun.

It might have been the shortest month of the year but it sure felt like the longest with how much we got accomplished.

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