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Some of our best qualities are our characteristics

     In November Tony’s sister Nicole and her husband Alex traveled to Maryland for the very first time.   This is the first time that we have had Nicole and Alex all to ourselves and we were stoked to be able to play with them for 5 days straight.

     We arrived at the airport with a pack of Nicole’s favorite (and very rare) strawberry beer .. Fruli

    They arrived with the news that they were expecting a baby!   We were thrilled that all of the Fruli were ours!  that we were going to be an aunt and uncle to a new little baby!!  We can’t wait until July!

  Over the next 5 days we shopped at tons of antique and salvage stores, made blueberry pancakes, found ourselves in the middle of the ribbon cutting ceremony for the shop across the street, discovered the amazingness that is cake pops, traveled to Philadelphia in search of the perfect cheesesteak, introduced Nicole and Alex to the art of picking crabs and found a bar that only serves Scotch.

And of course we took a lot of pictures….

Nicole and Alex got the very first gift for the baby at Doodads in Havre de Grace.  I LOVE those little slippers. 


Our only group photo from the trip  🙂

This photo will go on to become their Christmas/ we are having a baby card. 

My sister Sara makes the BEST cake-pops.. Order some from her.  Trust me!

For Nicole and Alex’s first experience picking crabs we took them to our favorite crab house in Havre de Grace. 

We can’t wait till they come back in April!!!

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