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April ~ Our most colorful month yet!

Holy crap we added some color this month!

I’m not really sure how this happened.

Actually yes I do.. I just gravitate towards all things yellow.. and bright apparently.. and I needed a break from all this bleak grey, rainy, wintery crap.  So I painted the doors, and I painted the pots and when we added the flowers.. bam! .. all of a sudden we had the brightest porch on the street.  The one that makes people stop and stare at it.. or maybe that’s just because we stand on it smiling like idiots while we pose for a photo taken by no one.

This month was incredibly busy for Tony.  He started offering his new furniture designs and has been getting a lot of orders which keeps him very busy at the shop .. you can check out all the new designs here.

He also got hit bad by the spring cleaning bug that I had last month.. this time in the form of simplification and purging of the unnecessary.  I came home late one evening to find a huge pile of stuff to donate and I swear he now only owns 3 pairs of shoes.. Luckily I got home before he could get rid of all my stuff .. I don’t doubt that he would clean house in my side of the closet if given the chance.

Wedding season started this month and unlike last year it’s starting off slow and I’m really enjoying getting back into shooting more.

One of the best glimpses into our lives is from our daily life photos through instagram.  Below are a couple screen shots making up our month at a glance.  The first  2 bunches are Tony’s and the last 2 bunches are mine.

According to instagram our April consisted of glueing, welding, sewing, composting, picnicing, grilling, photo boothing, gardening, backdrop creating, family visits, wedding shoots, maternity shoots, Death Cab for Cutie concert, Orioles vs. Twins game ,cooking, furniture building, volunteering, Maple tree stealing, easter egg dying, lasagna making and cake pop eating

April just flew by in a blur.. I’m really hoping May takes it’s time.



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