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Moving day

Moving day officially arrived bright and early this morning.  We were very prepared and had the whole apartment boxed up and ready to roll.  Although we were still completely surprised that what we thought would be a 3 1/2 hr job only took us 60 minutes.  (Thanks mostly to our friend Josh who I’m pretty sure is part machine)

It turns out I was not emotionally prepared for our house to empty out that quick and as we left town I definitely fought back some tears .. 1 or 2 may have escaped but I will neither confirm nor deny that.   It’s so bittersweet to let go of this apartment.. the first house that Tony and I shared.


But excitement definitely took over when we got to our new little red house and started unloading.  Which again happened in lightning speed.


Our old apartment got absolutely zero natural light which is very important to my survival .. so I already feel like I’m home here.


The only things we left in our  barren apartment today was our couch and our bed.. But we are back here for one last night in this apartment that we loved.  Eating tomato soup and sandwiches and curled up watching Hulu on my laptop.

It’s a weird feeling, because we have a new house that we absolutely LOVE and all our belongings are in Hampden (and look even better in our new house then they did here) and we just can’t wait to get back to start our new life .. and even though all this old apartment contains is a few half full boxes and about 63 dust bunnies it still  feels like home.



I’m sure I will cry like a baby tomorrow .. but right now I’m going to go laugh my face off watching the New Girl with my favorite person in our little apartment on North Union.

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