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The Final Porch Photo

The thing I will miss the most about our little apartment in Havre de Grace is our front porch.  The yellow door I made, our lights, our plants, all those stray cats .. ok, we will definitely not miss the last one.

This little porch has a ton of great memories.  The time we jumped off of it and ran down the sidewalk in the pouring rain .. that time that Tony built my desk .. that day we sat in the yard with our feet soaking in a baby pool watching the 4th of July parade go by with our friends .. that same day when that random kid jumped in our baby pool .. and that time that Tony asked me to marry him.

Lots of good times were had on that porch.

And since we spent an entire year documenting our lives as seen from our front porch I thought it only fitting that we get one last photo on our porch from the day we moved out.



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