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Come rain or come shine

Do you ever have one of those moments where you are a little too caught up in yourself and then life gives you a little metaphorical slap on the back of the head?

Well the last couple days I have been consumed with our upcoming wedding .. Partly the weather forecast

It’s no secret that they are calling for rain .. It was a risk we knowingly took when we planned a wedding in early April… But we were optimistic.

I was driving down the road thinking of our back-up plans and how we can move our celebration indoors.. I took some back roads to bypass some bad traffic and I found myself driving next to a long funeral procession.

While I’m thinking of how tomorrow my family will caravan to the Eastern shore for a celebration, there is another family right next to me caravanning to a cemetery to mourn the loss of someone they love.

And all of a sudden I don’t care if it rains .. None of that matters.

And to be honest if somehow us getting married in the rain can mean that this family can celebrate the life of their loved one in today’s beautiful sunshine than I will fully embrace whatever weather we get.

All I need is my family to get their safely so I can hug them tightly. All I need is Tony by my side telling me he will love me for always.


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  • cms - What a lovely attitude and philosphy to have. I hope it doesnt’ matter how I happened upon your blogpost, but it really touched me. I have often pondered on a rainy weekend when someone lamented a “poor bride”…some poo soul is standing by a grave. Life is full of opposites…day, night, birth, death, sunny , rainy…you seem to have embraced those differences…hopefully you will bring this into your marraige and enjoy many years…full of joys and sorrows, up and downs…but TOGETHER God bless you forever.

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