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Are you there baby? It’s me, mommy.

week 17


Dear baby-

I read recently that your hearing has developed to the point where you can now hear outside sounds clearly  ..  It went on to say that you will begin to recognize my voice and that is how you would first learn to identify me as your mommy.

I’m just going to go ahead and start by saying  …  I’m sorry.

You are now one of the only people on the planet that gets to hear my singing voice.
You know the one  …  the loud, out of tune mezzo that is typically reserved for the privacy of my car.   I always knew you would be subjected to it sooner or later but I figured it wouldn’t be until you were a few feet further away and helplessly shackled to your carseat  …  unable to tell anyone of the torture you endure.

Again  ..  I’m sorry  ..  for the second sound you will identify me by is my laughter  …  A witch like cackle that has once been proven to send a field full of gently grazing cattle careening loudly towards the highway.   This cackling laughter you will hear often because unfortunately for you I find your father to be quite hilarious.

I’m sure paybacks will come full circle when it will be my turn to bond with your sweet voice through your wailing cries in the middle of the night.    But until then my sweet baby  …  here’s to the start of bonding through voice recognition.



week 17 2

  • Sharon - Stevie…love the post and love what you are going for baby Oliver!!! You look great!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Carly Fuller - This is so sweet Stevie! I didn’t know this voice stuff either! NeatReplyCancel

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