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What the heck is a dragon fruit anyway?

So I have this app on my phone  ...  It's creatively named 'Pregnancy App'  ...  And it gives me weekly updates on what's going on with this little baby of ours ...  How big s/he is, what organs are currently developing, what languages s/he's learning this week and so on... 

It also has this cutesy little chart where it compares your baby's size each week to something that can be found in your local produce aisle  ...  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about  ...  This week your baby is the size of a blueberry ... a kiwi ... a fuzzy peach  ...  It's all to give you a frame of reference from your everyday life so you can have an mental photo of exactly how much weight is pushing on your bladder at any given time.

Usually looking at it just makes me hungry. 

Until this past week.

Week 18

This week your baby is as big as a Dragon Fruit.

A dragon what?! 

Are you flippin kidding me with this thing?

DSC_4317 copy

Up until now everything they used for comparison was not only something that I saw in my normal day to day life but it was also something round and soft. Something that I didn't imagine was trying to cause me bodily harm from the inside.   But not only does this scaly fruit hail from a cactus halfway across the world by way of it also looks like the most terrifying thing you could ever imagine swimming around in your insides.  It has what look like green horns for crying out loud! 

So sweet, spiny, day-glo 5.59" baby  ..  I love you no matter what alien fruit you resemble  ...  just please don't sting me.

(And for those family members that only suffer through my musings in hopes that there will also be a photo of the baby bump here you go!)

DSC_4355 copy
DSC_4349 copy

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