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19 week Ultrasound! It’s a ……

Baby!!!!    A human baby!!!    One with a brain and an upper lip and everything!   We saw it!

Last Thursday we went in for our big ultrasound .. the one where they look at all the baby parts and make sure they are all there  ..  and all in the right places.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to see this bundle of baby pop up on the screen and see that little heart beat just go to town.   Admittedly I’m an anxious mommy to be  ..  Just the day before I was on the phone with our midwife with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, telling her that I used to be able to feel our baby move but that I hadn’t felt anything for the longest week ever.   She assured me that it was completely normal and too early to feel regular movement but I couldn’t help entering the hospital Thursday with sweaty palms.

But there was our baby!  Rolling around, arching his/her back, kicking and punching away.  Oh boy,  that little baby moves a lot!   I’d probably never slept if I fell all those movements.

So allow me to introduce you to the first photo of little Baby Oliver!!   Doesn’t s/he look so intelligent, artistic, sensitive and open-minded??

19 weeks

Katie.. our ultrasound tech .. kept pointing out all the organs and body parts but for the most part they all looked like unidentifiable lumps to me.   But hey, as long as those lumps are all there and as long as Katie could tell they were in the right place I was happy.

My favorite parts were when the baby kicked it’s legs and crossed his/her hands over it’s face … you better get used to photos baby!!   And hands down the absolute best part was when you could see that itty bitty mouth making little sucking motions.  I totally freaked!

Man, I am in big trouble.  Because all this baby has to do is move it’s mouth and I’m wrapped around those little boney fingers.

Just look how happy I was ….


And immediately afterwards I had to go home and take a nap!   I couldn’t help it .. She had me lay there in the dark with my head on a soft pillow for a long time while she rubbed my belly .. and right after I ate a bagel.   It’s the perfect recipe for naptime.


  • Sharon - very amazing just to see the backbones!!! Very, very much a miracle and to think its actually inside your belly!!!!! Thanks for sharing……..ReplyCancel

  • Jo - Love this, especially the bottom photo!ReplyCancel

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