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Stevie’s birthday and 20 weeks!

My birthday was a little over a month ago but the day was so wonderful I had to still post some photos on here.  I told Tony that all I wanted was to spend the entire day with him .. and be outside as much as possible.  I wanted to spend the bulk of the day at Rocks State Park (my favorite place!), have a big picnic, an outdoor nap, a brief stop to the sunflower field we did our engagement photos in a year ago and then a fire out in our back yard.  And we did .. and as a bonus the weather agreed with my plans.

Our first stop was the sunflower field where I proceeded to make my patient husband take 100 photos of me and my 20 week baby bump .. the halfway point!!  Stevie_T_Photography_01 Stevie_T_Photography_02 Stevie_T_Photography_03Stevie_T_Photography_05 Stevie_T_Photography_06Stevie_T_Photography_08 Then it was off to spend the day at Rocks State Park.   Since it was a Tuesday and all the kids were back in school we had the entire place to ourselves!  I’m confident this is what heaven looks like. Stevie_T_Photography_09 Stevie_T_Photography_10 Stevie_T_Photography_11 Stevie_T_Photography_12 Stevie_T_Photography_13 Stevie_T_Photography_14 Stevie_T_Photography_15 Stevie_T_Photography_16 Stevie_T_Photography_17 Stevie_T_Photography_18 Stevie_T_Photography_19 Stevie_T_Photography_20 Stevie_T_Photography_21 Stevie_T_Photography_22 Stevie_T_Photography_23 Stevie_T_Photography_24This is the 2nd year in a row that I have spent my birthday at this park.  I can NOT wait to go back next year .. as a family of 3!!


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