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24 Weeks

I’m going to have a baby.

I’m going to be someone’s mom.

The realness of that hit me while I was in the car a couple weeks ago.

Sometimes when I’m driving I turn off the music and I pray out loud.  And as I always do I ended with a short prayer for this little baby that I’m growing.  As soon as I said the word baby I felt a big kick.   And then out loud I said something to the effect that the baby kicked because s/he recognized my voice.

And then I cried.

I cried because I realized it’s my voice that this baby is becoming familiar with .. It’s my voice that will be able to soothe their cries after s/he is born.

Tony and I will be this child’s comfort .. the one they reach for when they are hurt, or scared, or unhappy.

We will be the ones they love the most …. Their favorite people in the world.

It’s a lot of responsibility and sometimes I don’t know what we are getting ourselves into.

But I do know this .. It’s going to be our greatest adventure ever.

24 weeks

This incredible photo was taken by my friend Kyle Bergner during a lighting test she did while I was assisting her at a wedding.  It’s one of my favorite photos of me ever and she just gifted me a large canvas print of it for our babies room.  It arrived last week and it’s gorgeous!  You can see her blogpost of this image here.


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