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29 weeks – So this is what nesting feels like

I’m in the 3rd trimester now.

So that’s crazy.

But more importantly did you know that there are ONLY THREE TRIMESTERS??!!!

That means I’m in the LAST one.

Holy crap!  I’m not sure we are ready for this.

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29_weeks_blog_003 29_weeks_blog_004 29_weeks_blog_005 29_weeks_blog_006

This week I’ve been sleeping better (the last 2 weeks were rough) and I finally realized what this nesting thing is all about.

We have had 2 baby showers and were wonderfully spoiled by our friends and family.   Coupled with all the incredible hand-me-down baby items we inherited and our little house was starting to pass as a child’s storage unit.  It was getting out of control.

So this week I’ve been on a major rampage cleaning out my old upstairs office and moving it downstairs to make room for the baby nursery.  And as soon as I started I went insane!  My OCD went into overdrive and I decided I needed the room to be completely purged and empty before it could start transitioning into a nursery.  I can’t really describe it but I just needed to start with a clean slate.

So we emptied the room, moved my desk downstairs and our house exploded into a mix of office and baby items for a little while.  I wouldn’t let anything into the new sacred baby space so we had piles of clothes, books, furniture etc in every corner just waiting for their new home.

And then nesting took over..  I dusted, cleaned base boards and vacuumed until 11:30 at night.  I probably would have burned sage or something crazy if I had some on hand.  Admittedly I did light incense but mainly because our vacuum is pretty stinky.  🙂

Below is a little before and after of my incredibly messy office and the newly cleaned out baby room.


The only items that were allowed to stay after the room purge was the futon and the beautiful canvas that my friend Kyle gifted to us.

29_weeks_blog_008It’s a perfect blank canvas ready for it’s transformation.
29_weeks_blog_01029_weeks_blog_012Tony hanging the first piece.

29_weeks_blog_013We will be sure to post lots more photos as we make more progress.

 All photos of me were taken by my talented friend Danielle.  I love her!

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