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31 weeks ~ Welcome to your future

It is about time this little one starts to learn the sounds of Daddy’s workshop.   Since he or she will be spending a lot of time there they might as well get used to the loud noises now.

So we stopped in for a few hours the other day to work on a Christmas gift.   I’m sure glad we are starting this now because to be honest I don’t think baby thought of this adventure as a ‘good surprise’.   The second Tony turned on the vacuum and the sander s/he flipped out and was clearly trying to run for the door.

31 weeks web



I imagine s/he looked something like this…




It’s ok baby .. you will learn to love it there … Which will be a great thing because this is what most of your childhood is going to look like :    Luckily your dad’s rad new bandsaw turns everyday scrap wood into the most amazing bridges and roadways.




(sidenote .. the above pictured baby is not currently being grown by me … Those arms are clearly not long enough to belong to any child of mine)


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