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32 weeks ~ Baby’s first snow day!

32 weeks webOn Sunday is snowed!!

It snowed in Maryland .. in DECEMBER!!   And not just a dusting either .. it snowed 3 inches of glorious beautiful powdery snow!

That almost never happens here this early in winter.   After all, we should remember that it was 60+ degrees just a few days prior.

I was so excited so I convinced Tony to stay home from the shop and go play in the snow with me.

The good news was .. I FINALLY got to wear the snow boots I have had sitting in a closet untouched for the last 3 years.   The bad news was .. after layering up on clothing I couldn’t bend enough over my belly to lace them up and tie them.  So apparently this is where we are at in the pregnancy now.

boots web

I’m hoping he loves me enough to paint my toenails too!


In other news  ……

*We started childbirth classes last week .. And, unlike when you are in High School, when they say you are going to watch a movie in class it is NOT fun!   We now know where babies come from .. and *spoiler alert* – the stork does NOT .. I repeat does NOT bring babies.  I’m starting to rethink the whole thing.


*I also had a midwife appt and got the results of my blood work from a few weeks ago.  Here was our conversation.
Midwife – Everything looks great and your iron level is great too
Me – So I don’t have gestational diabetes?
Midwife – Not even close
Me – Oh .. ok

Now don’t get me wrong .. I certainly did NOT want gestational diabetes .. It’s diabetes for crying out loud .. But what I DID need was someone of authority to tell me to!!  I swear .. I had virtually no sweet tooth before this pregnancy but ever since this baby came around not only do I always want dessert but I want it for lunch!    And her saying ‘Not even close’ was not helpful at all.  It just made me want to run out and celebrate by getting ice cream with candy mixed in it.


*Also at 32 weeks my imagination is on ridiculous overdrive .. Just a couple nights ago I accidentally woke Tony up while trying to make sure he was breathing.  He was.  And 2 nights ago I had myself completely convinced that someone snuck into our house and was hiding out in our scary basement .. I didn’t want to call Tony so I built a barricade 3 1/2 feet deep in front of the basement door and was ready to run out the front door at the first sound of the madman trying to escape.   I don’t know .. maybe it’s all the sugar I’ve been ingesting .. but now we sleep with an axe next to our bed.  For obvious reasons it is kept on Tony’s side.


*As I sit and write this the baby seems to have curled up on one side of my belly and fell asleep .. There is no moving this giant lump protruding out of one side.  It’s amazing, painful, and hilarious all at the same time.


All in all .. life is good.


Above photo of me taken by our wonderful friend Jacob .. who, along with is beautiful wife Whitney, came out and played in the snow with us and graciously took our Christmas card photos for us too.  We love those people!!!!


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