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33 weeks .. welcoming winter

Typically I don’t care for winter very much.  Sure I love a pretty covering of snow .. and the winter holidays .. but that’s it.   I get sad when it gets dark at 4:45 pm and I absolutely despise being cold.  I actually think I’m probably allergic to it.

But this year is different .. This time we have a little winter baby coming.

And for that reason alone I have looked forward to this winter like I never have before.  Particularly, all the comforts of winter.  I dream of oversized sweaters .. of soft cozy afghans .. of long thick socks .. and soup!

According to the masses I should be nesting by completing the baby nursery, stocking up on supplies and reading up on all things baby.   I, however, have found myself nesting by trying to turn our house (mainly our bedroom) into an actual life size nest of coziness.   In February all I want to do is curl up in our big bed wrapped in soft and cozy blankets and snuggle our squishy newborn baby while watching movies on a laptop.  If you want to find me .. that’s the first place you should look.   And if you want to visit you should put on pj’s and snuggle up right beside me .. I do, however, ask a small admission fee of soup and cornbread.

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In other news:

This week the winter cold that I have been steadfastly avoiding finally took hold of me.   I guess with having a husband who has been sick for 3 straight weeks it was unavoidable.  Or maybe it was my sweet but snotty faced nephew who will politely sneeze into his hand but then excitedly hug you while rubbing his infected little mitts all over your back.  Or maybe it was insisting on doing those snow angels last week

Nah!  I’m sure it’s the 4 year old bundle of germs.

I’ve never been really good at resting or taking it easy.  So being sick only slowed me down a tiny bit.   But I did take a break from work and tried to nap as much as I could.   A visit from my sweet friend Whitney certainly helped!

But as soon as she left my idea of ‘doing nothing’ was starting a fire in our fire pit and spending the next few hours burning all the branches and crap that had been getting on my nerves.   At least I rested my mind.  🙂

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In other (not so new) news…  I have been a complete maniac about food ever since I got pregnant.   This does NOT mean that I want to cook .. plan meals .. or even grocery shop .. all it means is I want to eat .. bonus points if I can eat it right out of the refrigerator or after a quick visit to the microwave.   The only thing that I can really motivate myself to WANT to make is a pot of homemade soup .. And that’s only because I have easy to heat up food for the next 3 days.   I even went so far as to bring a load of tupperware to my family’s Christmas party yesterday in case there were any leftovers that I wanted to bring home.  But I’m sure glad I did because, while I type this I’m enjoying the leftover buffalo chicken dip that my cousin makes every year.  Truth be told, this dip is the ONLY reason that I brought the tupperware with me in the first place.  The cake and cookies I scored was just bonus!

All our baby nursery preparations came to a screeching halt after Thanksgiving .. Tony and I are both swamped with work in the late fall so we really needed to spend some time getting caught up.  Tony is still working like crazy!  Our goal for January is to get through the big things .. like finish the dresser .. and build the crib .. yes, you read that right .. my “furniture guy” is going to build our baby’s crib.  (If you don’t get the reference make sure to watch the Portlandia clip.  It’s hilarious!)

But in the meantime I’m really happy with how our little unfinished room looks right now.  It quickly became my favorite room in the house and I spend entirely way too much time just staring at it.  🙂


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