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34 weeks .. Can time slow down now?!


Man! These weeks are just flying by way too fast for my comfort level.  

 This week was full of Christmas and celebrating.  It was a little surreal because it was our first Christmas as husband and wife but it was also our last Christmas before we are a family of 3.    I was too pregnant to travel anywhere for the holiday this year so Tony and I enjoyed a wonderfully low key celebration at home.  Tony cooked a delicious Christmas Eve dinner .. we got to wake up in our own beds on Christmas day and we spent a lot of time snuggled on the couch talking about what kind of holiday traditions we wanted to start with our own little family.   It was wonderful.   

But I still somehow found myself exhausted.  The 2 days following Christmas I could barely find the energy to do anything and every time I found myself alone I fell asleep on the couch.  I tried to just embrace the opportunity to be lazy since this will be my only pregnancy where I won’t have another little kiddo running around and demanding attention .. so I’m supposed to take advantage of it right?

Yesterday I got my energy back and went crazy on our house.  I tore apart our kitchen and bathroom .. organizing and purging..   At one point I found myself standing on our kitchen countertops lining the tops of all our cabinets with paper.   I was out of control.  Luckily our friends came over for dinner and saved me from myself.

I had a midwife appt early in the week and all is great.  Baby is growing on schedule .. heartbeat is nice and strong .. and baby is getting in position for his/her grand exit.  Baby is also super active lately .. dancing and twirling in there like a lunatic while somehow managing to wedge his/her little feet into my ribs .. using them for leverage to kick off and propel itself into his/her new found trampoline .. my bladder.   It’s slightly painful and incredibly wonderful at the same time.

Life is good and I’m trying to soak up every minute of it.

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photos by my sweet husband .. yellow afghan created by my late Granny .. you will be seeing more of her creations once baby arrives.


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