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35 weeks = 8 months sober

It’s not like I’m a huge drinker or anything but I do like to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or unwind with a cold beer in the evening.   So I figured the zero alcohol lifestyle that pregnancy advocates for would be a little bit of an adjustment for me.

Before I got pregnant I pictured myself adopting the “if mama can’t have any, no one can have any” philosophy.   I had visions of insisting on an empty liquor cabinet at home and depriving Tony from drinking anything I couldn’t have.   I mean, fair is fair, right?

Well it turned out to be quite the opposite.   It turns out that once I got pregnant not only did I not really care that I couldn’t partake but I turned into some sort of an alcohol pusher.  Which was a good thing because we found out we were expecting 2 days prior to our wedding reception party and we had a TON of beer and wine leftover.  Beer and wine that I forced on my husband daily like it was a multi-vitamin.

I always made sure we had drinks on hand for when friends came over and I was upset if we had to serve rum-less hot apple cider this fall because in my own words “no one wants to drink that non-alcoholic crap” .. even though I was happily drinking it all October long.

Maybe it was a way of overcompensating but I turned into this 1950’s version of myself saying things like “Welcome home honey, can I pour you a glass of scotch?”

Maybe I found myself wanting to play bartender because I missed the smell of it all.   As we say in this house ‘smells are free’ and I will shamelessly shove my nose into anyone’s drink and inhale deeply with no apology.

35 weeks


Now don’t get my wrong I still long for a cold bottle of IPA and feel a little jipped at all the seasonal beers that pass right by me.  But I’ve been pretty content with the non-alcoholic versions.   I know they all typically get a bad rap for being watered down and tasteless but once i got used to it (meaning I trained my brain to forget how ‘real’ beer tastes) then I found that I actually enjoy it.  The secret for me was not sneaking even one tiny sip of Tony’s beer AT ALL.  If I even taste a little bit of real beer I know it would be too hard to go back to enjoying a ‘fake one’.    There are at least 15+ types of NA beer out there and I think I’ve tried about 7.  My personal favorites are Bitburger Drive and Buckler.


35 weeks 2


Now don’t talk to me about the kinds of foods that I miss.  That’s a COMPLETELY different story.   In the beginning months I would have dreams of blue cheese, lattes, and lunch meat .. (sidenote ..  I quickly learned that pasteurized soft cheese is a-ok for preggos)

I long for days of sushi and raw oysters and you better BELIEVE that under NO circumstances is Tony allowed to consume my forbidden foods.

In the meantime I use dessert as my vice for making up for anything else that I’m lacking.

But mark my words .. first order of business after meeting this baby is to put back on my stretchy pants and eat my weight in sushi rolls!!!!




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