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37 weeks – Knitting is supposed to be therapeutic right???

If knitting is therapeutic than this project is exactly what I need to get over the week that we have just had.

Just when I was starting to go crazy trying to make everything clean and pure for the arrival of our sweet baby we were given the gift of the complete opposite.  What would be the opposite of being able to clean your house?, you ask.

Well, that would be a sewage back up in you home.    Oh, Irony .. you are a mean ugly jerk.

I won’t dwell on the details very much but the gist of it is we had a broken pipe out back that caused everything to back up and then leak in our house .. mostly in our basement.  It turned out to be pretty serious and we had to have an industrial cleaning crew come in and de-contaminate.     Now I will tell you that “de-contaminate” is NOT a word that you like to hear when you are 8+ months pregnant and want to bring your baby home to a safe environment.    There are other words you don’t want  to hear either .. some of which are ..  “You can’t run the water” …. “or use your toilet this week”.   Shut the front door!!!!!   I LITERALLY have to go to the bathroom every 15-20 minutes at this point and now you are telling me I have no toilet!!   You can probably imagine the mental and emotional effect that this has on an already hormonal pregnant woman.   But thanks to my husband’s sense of humor, my sweet parents (and their beautiful washing machine) and some wonderful friends I was able to maintain (most of) my sanity.

So our yard was dug up .. broken pipe were removed and new pipe was put in ..our floors were lined with plastic ..  fans and de-humidifiers were brought in .. workers came and went every single day ..  slowly the water we didn’t want disappeared and the water we so desperately needed was able to flow again.   It’s amazing how washing your dishes and doing a load of laundry can feel so wonderfully normal.    But then came the anxious reality that our house was turned upside down, super messy and in no way ready for a baby.    We will be spending this next week in a tornado of cleaning and organizing in order to get back on track.  Thankfully my mother-in-law Julie just flew in to help us!!

I figure if Tony and I can survive this week we can certainly survive the first few weeks of sleepless, crying, diaper changing parenting.  Bring it baby!  We are ready for you now!   .. Actually I lied .. we are NOT ready yet .. at all!    Please oh please,  give us a few more weeks!!!

So here I sit knitting the world’s largest afghan.   Hoping that the size of the needles are directly proportional to the therapeutic effect it will have on my psyche.


37 weeks37 weeks 2 37 weeks 3

In other news….

Last weekend we took classes on breastfeeding, cloth diapering and baby wearing .. did you know baby wearing was a term?   Turns out we have a whole new way to accessorize.  🙂

After cramming all our classes in a 24 hour timespan our heads were spinning but we felt like we were now certified to be hippie parents.

baby wearing


We also got our car seat bases installed 2 nights ago by the tiniest, most passionate woman who is crazy about car seat safety!!! It was equal parts awesome and hilarious!!!


car seat


I still don’t know why all these silly baby apps insist on comparing your babies size to a piece of obscure produce.   This week our baby is approximately 19 3/4 inches ..   Great.  I can wrap my head around that.   What I can’t wrap my head around is how big the average bunch of swiss chard is.

I have been really good about not googling pregnancy related side effects.     It’s crazy how drastically different the google results are when you look up your ailment .. and then look up the same ailment + pregnancy.    If you look up anything and add in the word pregnant, pregnancy or anything including the word ‘weeks’ in it, the results are usually a plethora of know-it-all responses from other women who have had the same problem or something worse.    However if you look up the same ailment and leave out those keywords you will find that the answer is always a rare form of cancer, neurological disorder or both resulting in the promise of early death.    I’m serious.   Nipple pain + Pregnant = an uncomfortable side effect that will pass .. Nipple pain by itself .. you are surely going to die!  and soon!   ….  Excruciating heartburn that makes you vomit a little when you sit hunched over + pregnant = ‘We’ve all been there sister!  It goes away when the baby is born.’   Chronic heartburn by itself = slow and untimely death from a variety of cancers.

So I learned my lesson early on and quit looking up anything online … until the other night .. when I had some swelling in my legs.   Oh boy!  I should NOT have googled that immediately before falling asleep.   My self-diagnosis?  Pre-eclampsia, of course.   I had all the other signs for it .. cramps on my right side .. check!     nevermind the fact that I basically have cramps all over every day due to the sharp jabs from the swiss chard I’m carrying…  and rapid weight gain in less than a weeks time .. check!   well, I had JUST made a joke that the scale in Tony’s shop was broken because it said I weighed 4 lbs more than I did the day before .. nevermind the fact that I was standing on the scale wearing heavy shoes, 2 pairs of pants, my huge heavy winter coat AND was eating a piece of pizza at the time.     After asking the midwife though it turns out that swelling is totally normal and my death is no longer imminent.

What a relief .. back to knitting……


37 weeks 4

All photos of me were taken by my mother-in-law Julie.   I love them.  🙂

And for memories sake here are a few photos of our mess this week..  Yuck!!

clean uppipe



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