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Tony and I have been taking a little step away from Instagram and Facebook lately so we haven’t shared any personal photos over there in a few weeks.  (It’s ok if you haven’t noticed)   We are just trying to spend less time on our phones and social media and more time focusing on our little family.  Tony is actually doing a LOT better job of it than I am.  More on all that later.

One of the goals for  me was to spend more time taking photos with my ‘real’ camera and less taking photos with my phone and slapping an instagram filter over them.  So far so good .. I have about 1000 photos of recent and now I just need to actually find the time to process and share some .

Rosie and I are currently spending the week at my grandparents house in Ocean City.  An unintentional escape from the craziness that is happening in Baltimore just a few miles from our home.   Here are a few random images from our peaceful days here.

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010Rosie is finally starting to look more like me!  Thank you strong hair genes.
011 012 013 014 The bond between Rosie and her great-grandpa Willie is so strong.  I love to see them together.  015 016 I hope to be sharing a lot more photos and life over on this little corner of the internet.  So if you want to see any of our personal photos and are inclined to follow along please bookmark our site and come back to see us.  🙂


The Olivers



Although she has been 11 months for 2 weeks already there is still a little catch in my throat whenever I say it.  Time is going so fast and our little baby is almost 1.  Ok enough of that.. that sappy crap will come in our next post.

Rosie’s 11th month was a crazy one for sure!  She got a finger amputated for crying out loud!  Her itty bitty thumb was removed and she handled it like an absolute champion.  We were continually amazed by her resilience and the way she coped with every new step.   The hardest part for her was not being able to suck her thumb for just under 2 weeks.  Apparently all thumbs are not created equally and her left thumb was no substitute.

Sleep continued to elude us and she spent a LOT of naps hanging out on my back in the Ergo carrier .. and most nights were spent in our bed.

She finally learned to clap and LOVES when you say ‘Yay Rosie!!’ so she can clap proudly at herself .. she can point to her head (although a lot of times when you ask her where her head is she slaps herself on the face)

She got really sick right before Christmas with a crazy high fever (and other issues that don’t need to be immortalized on the interwebs)  It was a little scary but it was just a virus she had to power through.

2 more teeth .. the ones surrounding her top front teeth.  (6 total now!)

She experienced her first Christmas and had her acting debut as baby Jesus in our family nativity performance.  Apparently baby Jesus was wrapped in swaddling clothing and offered Cheerios rapid fire while being visited by the wisemen.  And now you know.

We discovered that she will not crawl when she has bare legs .. she instead walks on her hands and feet and it’s hilarious!  (Photos of that below)

Everything she does is pure magic and we love her more and more every day.

Stevie_T_Photography_001 Stevie_T_Photography_002 Stevie_T_Photography_003 Stevie_T_Photography_004

oh my heart!!  her eyes, her wispy hair.  all of it!

Stevie_T_Photography_005 Stevie_T_Photography_006 Stevie_T_Photography_007 Stevie_T_Photography_008

These are her new moves if she has bare legs now.   She looks like Mowgli from the Jungle Book.   I love it!!!

12 squares copy12 squares copy 2


So I’m always behind on these things and Rosie will be 11 months in about a day so it’s about time to share her 10 month post.

This month our girl got 2 more teeth .. Both of her top ones.  There is a gap in between them and I think I’m in love!   (Note to self.. save money for braces)

She is a little mimic and we swear we are starting to hear her repeat things that we say.  When we were at my grandparents for Thanksgiving we all heard her yell ‘Willie’ 3 times.  That’s what everyone calls my grandfather.  She is smitten with him.

She loves music and has started dancing whenever she hears it.  She is particularly fond of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’ which I never play for her on repeat.  😉

Her hair is getting crazier and it’s starting to show more signs of curling.  1 side is longer than the other and it almost always does this little flip out.  I love it so much!

She is getting oh so snuggly!  We can say ‘ lay your head down Rosie’ and she will lay her head right down on our chest.  My heart melts every time.  Holy crap I hope she never asks me for a pony.  We just don’t have the yard space for it.

DSC_8928DSC_8912 DSC_8921 DSC_8925 DSC_8927DSC_8937 DSC_8939

She started doing this thing where she would put her hand to her ear and I never thought much of it.. I have learned recently that it is her on the phone.. oh boy!

DSC_8957 DSC_8959 DSC_8962

The head tilt.. oh my goodness!  It took a bit for us to realize this one but little Miss will tilt her head to the side when she is being charming (I told Tony I would stop saying flirty .. unacceptable!)   She does this a lot when she meets new people that she likes.  If you are getting to know Rosie and she does this at you, then you are in!

DSC_8980DSC_8259She truly gets more fun by the day.

10 months10 months 2


Right after Rosie was born and Tony announced to me that ‘It’s a Girl!’ they whisked her over to the little baby warming station to check her out.   And that’s when I heard one of the nurses turn to Tony and say ‘Don’t be alarmed by her extra digit’

Hold up!   Her extra what?!

Mind you, I hadn’t even really seen my baby yet and I am now wondering what she has an ‘extra’ of.   Then I hear them explaining to Tony that she has a little extra thumb and that it is quite common.  I flashed back to middle school science class when I remembered an old classmate telling me about her baby brother being born with an extra thumb and how amazing I had thought that was.  Plus, I was on some good drugs (for Rosie’s birth not middle school science class) so I really wasn’t too concerned.   I was just more tickled that they actually DO count your babies fingers and toes after they are born.  10 toes and 11 fingers on this one!!

So it turns out our little polydactyly baby has an itty bitty extra thumb growing out of one of her regular thumbs.  Complete with nail and bone and everything.  Which is apparently quite common and seen in approx 1 in every 500 babies.   Although if you ask Tony he will tell you it’s because I stood to close to the microwave.

3_thumbs_up_001 3_thumbs_up_002 3_thumbs_up_003 3_thumbs_up_004

Typically it’s recommended that the extra digit be removed by the first birthday so it doesn’t mess with fine motor development or cause any nerve damage.   But seriously, a life time of custom gloves can get really expensive so it’s time to part ways soon.

I questioned our pediatrician about whether or not anyone actually kept it.   (Meaning instead of surgically removing it)   She gave me a look of disgust and said that ‘no, we could not keep the removed thumb post surgery’   I assured her I was simply weighing the merits of whether or not she should have surgery but I was secretly glad that she misunderstood me because it actually saved me from a very embarrassing follow up question that I did in fact want to know.

3_thumbs_up_005 3_thumbs_up_006 3_thumbs_up_007

Rosie LOVES her little thumb.   She ONLY sucks the thumb on her right hand so when she sucks her thumb she is actually sucking TWO thumbs.


Sometimes I really think she notices that it’s different than the other one


The x-rays .. isn’t it just the cutest itty bitty thumb ever?!!!  Look at that little bone.


It just gives Rosie an extra finger to wrap everyone around.  🙂


I’m really going to miss the look on everyone’s face when they realize that she has an extra thumb.


And having kids count her fingers…

3_thumbs_up_014 3_thumbs_up_015

We love this little unique part of our perfect little girl and we have really had a lot of fun with it….

3_thumbs_up_016 3_thumbs_up_017

Surgery is scheduled for December 30th at Johns Hopkins .. Rosie will be ringing in the New Year with just 2 thumbs but until then she is still giving everything 3 thumbs up!!!



Little miss Rosie Grey is 9 months old.  Nine.months.old!!  I can hardly believe it!    She has now been out in this great big world for the exact amount of time that I carried her and slowly grew her.  That is a really weird feeling.  Can time please slow down?  Just a little bit.

She is just the perfect age right now.   She thinks she is such a big girl and gets into everything.   She has such an adventurous little spirit and she would rather crawl over things than to crawl around them.   She is just as happy as can be and she thinks everything is SO funny.   Her squealing laugh and squinty eye smile can make your whole day .. but she can still stare you down with an unwavering glare.

She’s learning how to cuddle now and she she will lay her head down on us when we lay on the floor or in bed.   It only lasts a second but it’s the best seconds of my day.

And the kisses!  She gives big, slobbery, open mouthed kisses randomly throughout the day.  Sometimes she will plant one right on your eyes or nose.  We have used some nannies more recently since it has recently become way too hard for me to balance work and Rosie simultaneously.  It’s hard to drop her off and leave but when I pick her up I get soo many kisses!!!

She’s getting a little clingier now and she will crawl after us when we leave a room.   That might have something to do with the increase in babsitters.

She LOVES food now and sometimes we can’t offer her food  fast enough.  She would definitely prefer to feed herself rather than us feed her with a spoon.

Sadly, she is not recovering from her last sleep regression and she is now an absolutely horrible sleeper!!!  Her naps hardly last more than 30 minutes unless we sleep next to her and I don’t even want to get started on night time.  But I’m sooo sooo tired!!!!   She’s lucky she’s so cute.

After a few recent client photo sessions I was motivated to do a little fall photo shoot with our baby girl.  Brace yourself for some unbelievable cuteness ahead.  Seriously, you have been warned…

Rosie_9_months_001 Rosie_9_months_002 Rosie_9_months_003 Those lips!!Rosie_9_months_004Rosie_9_months_006Rosie_9_months_005Rosie_9_months_007 Rosie_9_months_008 Rosie_9_months_009 Rosie_9_months_010 Rosie_9_months_011

9 months

9 months 2